This part of the curriculum site presents manuscripts prepared by departmental teaching staff (faculty and graduate students) that relate to the Developing Multiple Literacies curriculum or, more broadly, that pertain to diverse aspects of teaching and learning a second language at the collegel level. Because the majority were prepared in conjunction with conference presentations they are also listed under “Dissemination.”. They are arranged by date

November 2003, ACTFL/AATG Philadelphia
Cori Crane, Hiram H. Maxim, and Peter C. Pfeiffer: Session: Linking Curriculum-based and Curriculum-independent Assessment: Articulation and Accountability

December 2002, MLA New York
H. Byrnes: The future professoriat in foreign languages: Between competence and performance.
S. Kord: When the student is ready, the teacher disappears: On the absence of teaching in the literature classroom

November 2002, ACTFL/AATG Salt Lake City
H. Byrnes: Task-based writing in a curricular context: Specifying goals, pedagogies, and assessment criteria

Session: Toward an understanding of advanced-level language learning
H. Maxim: Student and instructor perceptions of the advanced language learner
C. Crane: Genre analysis: A step toward understanding the different stages of advanced language instruction
S. Rinner: Text choice and task development for the differing needs of advanced language learners

May 2002, Language Symposium Northwestern University
K. Sprang: ‘Awareness’ as assessment tool in teacher professional development

November 26, 2003; revised July 2011