Joint Degrees and Certificates

International Business, Language, and Culture Degree with concentration in German

Students interested in the serious study of language and culture and their intersections with business may wish to pursue the IBLC-BS, a joint degree offered by the Georgetown University College of Arts & Sciences and McDonough School of Business. This program has a distinctive and important FLL stamp; students in the program choose a language of focus, which will then be listed alongside the IBLC degree as their concentration (BS-IBLC with a concentration in German, for example). Curricular information and further details about the IBLC degree are available in the Undergraduate Bulletin.

The Certificate in European Studies

For German majors this certificate program combines language study with seven courses selected from the following: two semesters of regional history, one semester of government, one semester of economics; one elective relating to cultural perspectives of the German-speaking region; one elective pertaining to international behavior of the German area, and a senior level colloquium which includes completion of a major research paper under the guidance of European Studies faculty. More information can be found through the BMW Center for German and European Studies.