Study Abroad

The German department offers a range of attractive study and research abroad opportunities to its graduate students:

MA and PhD students during coursework

Prior to reaching the dissertation-writing stage, students may request to spend the summer semester at the university of Trier or Dresden. The department has longstanding and well-established exchange programs with the TU Dresden and Universität Trier and provides full financial support. Due to the different semester schedule in Germany, classes in Germany begin right after completion of the Georgetown spring semester (end of April – mid-July).

Graduate students going to Germany can rely on an informal support network thanks to the help of German exchange students who, after having studied at Georgetown, have returned to Trier or Dresden.

Please read about one graduate student’s study abroad experience in Dresden.

PhD students who have completed their coursework

Students are encouraged to apply for a DAAD or Fulbright dissertation fellowship to conduct research in a German speaking country (most deadlines are in September/October). Professors provide feedback and support in the application process.

Alternatively, students may apply for short term research grants offered by the DAAD, the Marbach Literaturarchiv, and the American Friends of Marbach.

In cases where external support is not available, students may request departmental support to conduct research for one or two semesters at the Universities of Trier or Dresden.

Teaching opportunity in Trier, Germany

As part of the Georgetown-at-Trier summer program for undergraduate students from the US, every year one graduate student is invited to teach in Trier. This popular five-week program is directed by a professor from the German Department at Georgetown and organized in collaboration with the Universität Trier.