Study Abroad in Trier

The Universität Trier is both an old and a young university: The old university, including the departments of theology, law, medicine, and philosophy, was founded in 1473, but was closed in 1798 under Napoleonic occupation. In 1970, the university reopened as Universität Trier-Kaiserslautern. Since 1975, the Universität Trier is an independent university that evolved into a high-performance, research-focused, and internationally networked institution.

The green campus stands out with its quick and easy paths (and outdoor sculptures) between the lecture halls and facilities. Additionally, the university distinguishes itself through the personal atmosphere and great teacher-student-ratios. International students receive excellent support from the department and the International Office.

Today, 15,000 students study in 6 departments that offer more than 30 disciplines. The university offers multifaceted study paths that are characterized by practical relevance for research and teaching; many research projects are interdisciplinary and promote international networking. The Universität Trier belongs to the best research-focused universities in social sciences and the humanities in Rhineland-Palatinate. German Studies, Linguistics, and Literary Studies as well as Media Science, Phonetics, and linguistic data processing belong to the department of social sciences and the humanities.

The department for German Studies with its affiliated fields DaF (German as a foreign language), Yiddish Studies, and Intercultural Gender Studies includes multiple disciplines: German Linguistics, German Literature, and German Philology. Students can choose seminars from all of these disciplines and therefore acquire knowledge in various areas of study.

It’s only a short distance from campus to the idyllic city center of Trier. Located directly at the river Mosel, the oldest German city is dynamic with its own special atmosphere. The city center invites visitors to explore traces of the past by studying a unique mixture of architectural styles from the Middle Ages to the modern era. Theater and film festivals, concerts, exhibitions, and wine festivals take place on a regular basis. Due to its closeness to France, Luxembourg, and Belgium, one can easily partake in excursions. Trier has about 100,000 inhabitants and is an attractive university town in the heart of Europe with millenniums-old history and a well-developed cultural scene.

For more information on the study abroad option in Trier, please contact the German Department directly.