The German Department offers coursework in language, culture, literature, and linguistics. Entering students take a placement test during the summer before their arrival to determine where to begin the program.

For students seeking AP credit, a full list of AP requirements can be found in the Undergraduate Admissions section of the Undergraduate Bulletin. For an AP score of 4 or 5, students are eligible to receive up to six credits, depending on placement. Placement is determined by departmental placement exam. Incoming students are strongly encouraged to take the exam online during the summer.  Please note the following exception: students who are interested in placing out of the language requirement need to take the second part of the placement exam during New Student Orientation. Students who place at the high end of Level IV (combined Placement Test Score of 150 or higher) will receive six credits for GERM-2001 and 2002 (equivalent to GERM-2011) and, if they are German majors, a course waiver for one Level IV course. Students who place into Level IV courses will receive six credits for GERM-2001 and 2002 (equivalent to GERM-2011). Students who place into GERM-2002 will receive three credits for GERM-2001. Students who place into GERM-2001 or GERM-2011 or below will not receive credit.

Please see the Undergraduate Bulletin to view our full list of requirements.