SFS Proficiency Exam – September 16-18, 2020

The next round of German Oral Proficiency Exams will be held during the Fall 2020 semester. Information on how to register will be announced closer to the dates.

REGISTRATION: September 1-7, 2020

Once we know the exact number of examinees, you will be contacted on Tuesday, September 8, to provide your availability. The exam schedule will be sent by Wednesday, September 9.

Exam Questions: Dr. Joe Cunningham, ICC 460, joe.cunningham@georgetown.edu

Registration Questions: Courtney Feldman, ICC 468, cf663@georgetown.edu

Eligibility: the earliest opportunity to take the exam is at the end of the Advanced sequence, i.e., at the end of Advanced II or Intensive Advanced.

Exam dates: Generally, the exam will be offered at the beginning and end of the fall semester and at the end of the spring semester. Announcements will be sent to the German mailing list and to SFS, MSFS, and MAGES programs.

Prior to the exam:

Examinee prepares a 4-5 minute oral presentation on a cultural, economic, or political topic related to Germany (no personal anecdotes, please). Presentation cannot be read. Only minimal notes allowed.

Examinee checks in 20 minutes before exam time slot with the Department Administrator.

Examinee then chooses one of three articles on current German events (on politics, economics, and culture) to summarize. Examinee has 20 minutes to read through text without the aid of a dictionary.

Structure of exam:

  1. examinee briefly introduces him/herself to the two examiners (course of studies, stays abroad, special interests, etc.)
  2. examinee summarizes the chosen article and answers questions relating to it
  3. examinee gives a 4-5 minute oral presentation on a topic related to the cultural, economic, or political life in Germany (no personal anecdotes, please) and answers questions relating to it.

Announcement of results:

Results are generally available on the next business day after the conclusion of the exams through the examinee’s Dean’s office. Undergraduates receive a pass/fail evaluation only. Graduate students receive a more detailed evaluation ranging from poor to excellent.