Hanns Eisler on Brecht, Music and Culture

Wednesday, September 30, 11:00 am-1:00 pm, ICC 462

The Georgetown University German Department presents Hanns Eisler on Brecht, Music and Culture, a dramatic performance by Sabine Berendse and Paul Clements. This book, about the friendship and collaboration between the playwright Bertolt Brecht and the composer Hanns Eisler, has been a sensation in Germany since the 1970s. At long last it has now been translated into English. In addition to the book, the translators have created a dramatic reading and multimedia performance to make the audience experience first-hand what Eisler has to say about his friend Brecht. The committedly left-wing Eisler reflects on their exile from Nazi Germany in Los Angeles and recalls their bruising encounters with the House Committee on un-American Activities. Humorously and lively he talks about philosophical themes concerning the future of the arts, artists and the lives of ordinary people.

What would a show about a composer be without his music? The performance includes recordings of Eisler’s music in different genres as well as recordings of Eisler himself singing and playing the piano. Rarely seen photographic images of Eisler and others illustrate the show.

Lunch to follow. Please RSVP to cf663 @ georgetown.edu by Friday, September 25.