Level II: Intermediate German: Experiencing the German-Speaking World


Level II is a two-course sequence within the German Department’s nationally recognized integrated curriculum “Developing Multiple Literacies.” The courses are organized topically to familiarize students with contemporary life in the German-speaking world. In Intensive Intermediate, we explore the following themes in our content-based instructional sequence in one semester, the non-intensive sequence uses two semesters:

The six topics addressed are:
Theme 1: Wo ich zu Hause bin: Was heißt “Heimat”?
Theme 2: Nationalstolz — eine deutsche Debatte
Theme 3: Von Kunst bis Kitsch: die Kulturstadt Wien
Theme 4: Mensch, Natur und Umwelt
Theme 5: Literature: Märchen
Theme 6: Deutschland aus ausländischer Sicht

Level II courses include GERM-1501 (fall semester), GERM-1502 (spring semester), and GERM-1511 (intensive track, taught fall and spring).

Sample GERM-1501 Syllabus

Sample GERM-1502 Syllabus

Updated April 2, 2018