Newly Published Book on Meanings of Modern Work, edited by Prof. Peter C. Pfeiffer and Nathan T. Tschepik

Congratulations to Professor Peter C. Pfeiffer and Georgetown alum Nathan T. Tschepik, editors of the recent publication of Meanings of Modern Work in Nineteenth- and Twenty-First-Century German Literature and Film.

Book cover of Meanings of Modern Work

The essays in this volume explore how the humanities can contribute to an understanding of a fundamental aspect of human life: work. This volume explores how German literature has grappled with understanding work in times of disruptive change brought about by industrialization, rapid technological advances, and globalization. It adds a cross-disciplinary perspective by including contributions from the field of film studies, on the cinematic treatment of work, and from philosophy, on the normative questions posed by changing work environments.

Peter C. Pfeiffer is Professor and Chair of the German Department at Georgetown University. His research focuses on German-language literary and cultural studies from the nineteenth to the twenty-first centuries, most recently with a focus on literary negotiations of economic concepts.

Nathan T. Tschepik received his degree in History from Georgetown University. He is currently completing his law degree at the University of Chicago.