Performing Language in the Foreign Language Classroom – an Experiential-Interactive Approach

Georgetown’s German Department will host a workshop led by Sabine Gross, Professor of German and Affiliate Professor of Theater and Interdisciplinary Theater Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Learning and speaking a foreign language is a process of discovery that can produce anxiety and stress in students. Relaxing the usual emphasis on meaning and conventional verbal communication will allow us to experience language in new ways that can contribute to learner enjoyment and success in the classroom. 

This workshop will focus on German-language classrooms and will offer participants a different way of engaging with language that can be utilized at any level of language instruction. Participants will acquire strategies suitable for a wide range of applications in the foreign-language classroom, from the first week of instruction through advanced literature classes.     

What to wear: We will be moving quite a bit, so wear comfortable clothes.

When and where: Maguire 304 (located off the Presidents’ Room by Riggs Library. Take the elevator at the south end of Healy Hall to the third floor, turn left, and you will see it straight ahead) on Saturday, September 15, 2018 from 10:00 am – 3:00 pm. Coffee and lunch will be provided. 

Please register with the Department Administrator Courtney Feldman.