Level II: Intermediate German: Experiencing the German-Speaking World


Level II is a two-course sequence within the German Department’s nationally recognized integrated curriculum “Developing Multiple Literacies.” The courses are organized topically to familiarize students with contemporary life in the German-speaking world. In Intensive Intermediate, we explore the following themes in our content-based instructional sequence in one semester, the non-intensive sequence uses two semesters:

The six topics addressed are:
Theme 1: Wo ich zu Hause bin: Was heißt "Heimat"?
Theme 2: Nationalstolz -- eine deutsche Debatte
Theme 3: Von Kunst bis Kitsch: die Kulturstadt Wien
Theme 4: Mensch, Natur und Umwelt
Theme 5: Literature: Märchen
Theme 6: Deutschland aus ausländischer Sicht

Level II courses include German 021 (fall semester), German 022 (spring semester), and German 032 (intensive track, taught fall and spring).

Sample germ 021 syllabus 

Sample GERM 022 syllabus 

Updated April 2, 2018